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I must first apologize and explain that I had one of my teeth, third mollar from the bottom back left, pulled today. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences and a combination of pain and hyrocodone may have my writing a bit… Funky…

But, for as I purposefully pulled out my computer and decided to share this post – on to it…

I have been spending much, if not all, of my morning commute reading, reading, reading endlessly posts on the website and felt, truly, that this site, it’s purpose, it’s content is heavily in the spirit of Guerrilla Therapy and that I must share it, and some of it’s content, here, for further spreading. I hope my readers can get from it at least an inkling of what I have been receiving.

Unimposingly, UrbanMonk opens addressing, compassionately and conversationally, its visitors–

“Start Here”

“Welcome!,” the site continues, “UrbanMonk.Net aims to provide a free companion in your personal development journey inwards into yourself and outwards into the urban world – modern life, entwined with ancient spirituality.”

Reminding me, immediately, of my old journey through Darren Main‘s book “The Urban Mystic,” (thank you Molly) which was considered a, “supplement to yoga and the path of the urban mystic.” The book was good, it talked a lot about meditating and being a yogi through all the traffic and rushing of city living – I recommend picking up a copy. But this strays from the point. continues…


“UrbanMonk.Net provides an additional voice on recreating yourself gently from the inside out. From inner joy and self-esteem to outer success and romance, all change begins from deep inside you.

  • This site has been reported by readers to have made a drastic change in their inner lives. It has helped many find love, gratitude, and compassion. For others, the site has helped with everything from everyday frustrations and troubles to stronger symptoms like depression and anxiety.
  • Our external world has been covered extensively as well; you can find information on a myriad of other topics – from passion and purpose in life, to romance, loneliness, and social skills.
  • The material here draws upon modern psychology, ancient spirituality, and everything in between – with a practical twist. Everything used here has been tested and proven to make a tremendous difference in my own life.
  • While there is enough material in here for a full book, new content is being added regularly. Please subscribe now for free – to get updates the moment I post them.

What do you want out of your life? Let the choices below guide you to the appropriate sections…”

Recently I’ve been studying about the evolutionary purpose (because there simply must be one– guilt is not a spandrel) of guilt and shame (many a wonderful source available here and here for those who are interested) and stumbled upon the UrbanMonks site and found some of its content regarding guilt to be truly helpful and to be written with a commonplace register that anyone may take something from.

UrbanMonk has a multitude of a suggested meditative techniques and abilities and endless articles concerning all the topics that that this blog, too, is concerned with.

I’m aware that this post is not of my usual variety and is here only to suggest a website…

But I’m pretty certain I’m ok with straying from my usual path for the moment… Enjoy…