“I used to think that when a writer became a man of letters he was done for… But I feel alright…” – Dylan Thomas, “A Few Words of a Kind.”

After my teenage years warped and wrapped in the dramas entwined within the flat affect blank pages of my livejournal.com ravings, I swore that I’d never blog again. Interestingly, and now ironically, that is if you define it as Ben Lerner, a past professor of mine, did…

“Irony is when form and content undo or contradict each other.”

…I find myself needing to blog again. I am form, I am content. I am contradicting myself- always.

Why exactly? Because I have a few things, several long winded mea culpas, therapy ideas, creativity ideas, logic ideas etc. that need to be put out there, “for me or for you for anyone or of course for no one to make what you or he will of them.”

Dylan Thomas again. Same piece.

Because I’m supposed to be a statistic. Because according to every psych text ever read- everything points to me being in a gutter, in jail, on drugs, careless and apathetic…

Here’s why that didn’t happen…


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